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Multifunctional Peanuts

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The ‘Peanut’, also known as Epa by the Yorubas of Nigeria, is such a versatile and multifunctional nut. The source of Ground nut oil; the perfect accompaniment with soaked Ijebu Garri, St Louis Sugar, Peak Milk and cold water.  

It can also be crushed and used as a paste with bread for a crunchy roasted peanut butter taste, eaten along with roasted maize, roasted plantain (aka ‘Boli’) or even bananas if you are calorie counting.  

All of this is not to mention its wide-ranging health benefits to keep the diseases away. All from this one little nut !! The actual King of Nuts. 

As someone who shall remain anonymous and nameless once said –  a peanut a day, preferably the Omoluabi Peanuts – keeps the doctors at bay.  

We will keep this blog short, and let the taste of our Peanuts do all the ‘blogging’.  


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