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Top Spices and Seasonings of Africa

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On this blog, we thought we’d share the top  (arguably) most popular spices of Africa 

Nigerian Iru, is fermented locust beans obtained from the pods of the African locust tree. It is used in various dishes from soups, curry, and rice and really lifts the taste of any dish with its earthy smell and flavours. 

The spices and burst of colours of East Africa  – the cumins, curry, saffron, coriander, coconut. All come together to create an explosive burst of culinary delight. 

Suppose it’s barbecue season where you are. In that case, you will appreciate our next choice of top African Spices – the Nigerian Suya Yajji, and the East African spices of dried red chilli, curry powder or cinnamon. 

We honestly cannot do the spices and seasonings of Africa justice in one blog post, so these are only just a few of our favourites. Happy African spice sampling and tasting!  


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