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Amazing! Indomie Noodles: The Incredible Tale of How Indomie Noodles Saved My Life

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In a time of fuel scarcity and financial turmoil, a simple bowl of Indomie noodles becomes the unlikely hero in a fight for survival against armed robbers.
Indomie Noodles

In a series of unfortunate events, the West of Nigeria sees a man’s life hanging in the balance as he faces eight armed robbers, with nothing left to steal. Yet, amidst the chaos and turmoil, one unexpected hero emerges – a box of Indomie noodles. Here’s the story of how a humble meal became the savior in the darkest of hours.

It was a dark and stormy night in the remote village of Ojodu, located in the western part of Nigeria. The nation was in a state of chaos, with fuel scarcity and a scarcity of newly printed Naira notes causing widespread financial hardship and unrest. I, like many others, had been struggling to make ends meet in this difficult time.

How My Day Started

My day had started out in a frustrating and overwhelming way. I had woken up to find that my car wouldn’t start, no doubt due to the fuel scarcity that had been affecting the country for weeks now. I tried my best to stay positive, knowing that I could still make it to work on time by taking the bus. But things only seemed to get worse as the day went on.

I had lost my wallet, and when I tried to withdraw money from the bank to make it through the day, I found that the scarcity of newly printed Naira notes had caused a national cash flow issue, making it impossible for me to get the cash I needed. I had gone from bank to bank, trying to find where I could withdraw money, but to no avail.

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”

James Beard

Feeling defeated and disheartened, I eventually made it back to my small flat in Ojodu. I was broke and poor, with no food in the house and no way to buy any.

I was hungry and tired, and I had given up hope of making it through the day with any kind of comfort. That was until I remembered the small kitchen in my home and the box of Indomie noodles sitting on the counter. I got up, determined to make the best of a difficult situation, and started to cook.

Cooking Indomie Noodles for the robbers

The box of Indomie Noodles

My options was limited and so I went for the box of Indomie that I always made sure I had in the house. As I cooked, the aroma of the noodles filled my home, and I felt my spirits lift. I sat down at my small kitchen table and savored my meal, bite by bite.

In that moment, I realized that sometimes, the smallest things in life can bring the greatest comfort. And I was grateful for the simple pleasure of a warm bowl of Indomie noodles.

But my peaceful moment was short-lived. Just as I was finishing my meal, I thought I heard a suspicious sound coming from outside my door. But I ignored it, thinking it was just the wind and rain from the storm.

Suddenly, I heard a loud banging on my front door. I froze, realizing that someone was trying to break into my flat. My heart racing, I approached the door, wondering who could be on the other side. To my horror, I saw the barrel of a gun as the door burst open, and a group of armed robbers stormed into my small home.

There were eight of them, and they were very upset that I had nothing they could steal. I was terrified, but I stood my ground, holding my bowl of Indomie noodles tightly in my hands. And in that moment, I realized that the simple aroma of those noodles may have just saved my life.

The robbers made me sit down and watch as they searched my small home for anything of value. But when they found nothing, they became angry and frustrated. They were about to leave, empty-handed, when one of them noticed the bowl of Indomie noodles in my hand. He approached me, and with a casual shrug, he said, “It was the Indomie noodles that saved your life.”

As I was in the middle of cooking a box of Indomie noodles to eat, the door to my humble abode was suddenly kicked in by a group of eight armed robbers. They were angry and upset that I had nothing for them to steal, but the smell of the noodles I was cooking caught their attention.

“What’s that smell?” one of the robbers asked.

“Indomie noodles,” I replied, trying to keep my voice steady.

To my surprise, the robbers made me sit down at my small kitchen table and watch as they ate the noodles I had been cooking for myself. I was afraid for my life, but the delicious aroma of the noodles seemed to have a calming effect on the robbers.

“These are good,” one of the robbers said with a smile. “Where did you get them?”

“Just a local shop,” I replied, still trying to keep my cool.

As they finished the noodles, the robbers began to talk amongst themselves, seemingly forgetting about me. They discussed their latest heist and plans for the future, all while I sat there quietly, not daring to make a sound.

Finally, as they were getting ready to leave, one of the robbers turned to me and said casually, “It was those Indomie noodles that saved your life, you know.”

I was stunned. I had never thought about it that way, but it was true. The simple act of cooking and enjoying a meal had saved me from what could have been a terrible fate.

As the robbers left my home, I sat there for a moment, taking in the gravity of what had just happened. I realized that sometimes, the smallest things in life can make the biggest impact.


From that moment on, I made a vow to always appreciate the simple things in life, like a warm bowl of Indomie noodles. And I never took my safety or my blessings for granted again.

I was stunned. I had never thought that something as simple as a box of noodles could save my life. But in that moment, I realized that sometimes, it’s not the grand gestures or the material possessions that save us, but the small things in life. The things we often take for granted. The things that bring us comfort and hope in even the

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